Freedom And It's Owner.

Beauty memories of all the places
we captured without camera
we've seen the pyramids
we've seen the Louvre
we've seen Orion upside down
the total eclipses and the moonlight shadows
we've seen dolphins jumping waves
we've ski'ed the mountains and we swam in the rivers
and let the sunlight dry our skins 


show a view to someone who chose to live his whole life in cave
he'll raise his arms to protect his eyes from learning
and the blindness to which he belongs
this time it's me, it's me
cascades of chances I'll just let them be
the unfamiliar is right below our eyes
don't look for what we know
the unfamiliar is right below our eyes 

Schule, Hausaufgaben, Schlaf. 
Zwischendurch die neue Folge Gossip Girl.

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